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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Podcasting in Language Classroom

    This week we have learned how to incorporate podcast in language teaching. I have no idea what podcast is until I learned this mod. I am glad that I found out podcasting is a wonderful resource for language teaching. It is not a great tool for training listening skills, but also great for learning about latest news, technology, and different cultures. Moreover, both teachers and students can easily access to it without difficulties.
     Yesterday was the big day for England. It seems that people are crazy about royal wedding. Therefore, I have found this episode:World News for School: 28th, April, 2011 on BBC World News for Children.  
      Before listening to the episode, I would have students brainstorm what a royal wedding should look like. After students have some background information about the royal wedding, they would listen to the episode for two times and meanwhile answer the following question such as when was the royal wedding? What people are crazy about the wedding? Why this day is special for the world? What celebrity attended the wedding? What people did in England to celebrate the wedding?. I would like to use these questions to check their comprehension and also lead them to discuss this issue in depth. After the listening activity, students may go home to find more information on England and England Royal Family. The follow up activities would talk more about British culture.       
        Podcasting has a wide variety of topics that can satisfy the needs of teaching and the interests in learning. I think it is a easy and effective way for students to learn about the world while learning English.

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Maryanne said...

Your lesson sounds quite well organized since you included pre-listening activities as well as post-listening ones. For L2 learners it is important to see, hear and use new vocabulary many times in different contexts.